Maize Flour Production In Nigeria

Nigeria produces a wide range of agricultural commodities, amongst which are maize, soybean, cowpea (beans), yam, cassava, potato, etc. Apart from being used as food, many of these crops are also used as raw materials in the manufacturing industry.

Maize can be processed into several products including Maize Flour, Maize Grits. Starch, etc.

The product can be fortified with vitamin A and the packaging would be in PP bags and different sizes of 1Kg, 2Kg, 5Kg, l0Kg, 25Kg etc.

The growth of the middle class in Africa in general, and Nigeria to be specific, has led to a need for hygienically processed, easy to prepare and well packaged food products like, maize flour, yam flour, parboiled rice, garri, packaged water, etc.

The national demand for corn flour in Nigeria is estimated at about 800,000 tons/ annum while the current national supply is estimated at 350,000 ton per annum.

With few producers focussing on the production of maize flour in Nigeria, there exists a large gap that needs to be filled by aspiring entrepreneurs in the country. This supply  gap will continue to grow as the population of the country grows.

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We prepared a well researched business plan that envisaged a maize flour production plant with a capacity of processing 5 Tons of maize per day.


Average profit realizable from processing 1 Ton (1000Kg) of maize into flour N30,000. The processing plant referenced in this business plan has the capacity to process 5 Tons of maize per day. If the factory works for 20 days in a month and at 50% of the capacity, which gives 50 Tons of maize processed per month, the company can make a gross profit of 50 X N30,000 = N1,500,000 monthly. 

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  1. Please give me an estimate of maize flour small company and the types of the machines I will use. Thanks.

    1. Depending on how small you plan to start,N1.5M can get you started on a small scale. You will need milling machinery, weighing scales, and bag sealing machines. Note that this does not include cost of building/rent and working capital.

  2. I need a brief estimate on the starting cost of a bakery and an event centres.Kindly assist.
    Do you also have workable business plan for these two businesses?

    1. Estimates for the two business will depend on the capacity you want to start with and how much you want to invest.
      Yes, we can prepare a workable business plan for the two businesses. At the moment, we prepare business plans at a discounted price of N10,000. If you are interested, please send a mail to describing the business you want a plan for, and your budget for starting the business.

  3. Do you offering practical training for the production of pounded yam ,and cost for the machinery on small scale production and where to get them

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